Everything in Moderation

Thursday, June 3, 2010

by Shahrean Merican

“Everything in Moderation”. That’s what my grandfather used to say. But how do we find balance in a world of extremes? Extreme weather, extreme pollution, extreme stress, extreme diets, extreme illness and the list go on.

I have personally for many years battled with the art of moderation. If I enjoyed something, I would over indulge, if I didn’t, I would avoid it. As a result, I got myself into complicated relationships, yo-yo dieting, smoking, negative thinking and other unhealthy habits. I fell into a vicious cycle of extreme pleasure and pain. I could never find a middle ground, until……..

I re-discovered YOGA.

Although I started practicing Yoga at a very young age, I lost touch with it throughout my adolescent years. I was a typical teenager eager to grow up and experience the world. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined becoming a Yoga teacher. My dreams were ‘bigger’ than that or so I thought! Little did I know the universe had ‘better’ plans in store for me.

It wasn’t until my final year at university, that I found my passion for Yoga.
After 3 years of studying and experiencing life in a foreign country, I was having doubts about my direction in life. I had made regrettable choices and was starting to feel restless and discontent. It was then, during a trip back home, that my mother asked me to join her Yoga classes. The moment I got on the mat, there was an instant connection. I was filled with a sense of purpose and gratification that I had not felt in a very long time. I was just happy ‘being’ in that moment!

Since then, I have never stopped practicing Yoga. I cannot explain how Yoga changes a person’s life as it is a subjective experience. All I can say is that the intuitive wisdom you develop through Yoga helps you appreciate and respect your body and mind as well as others. You develop a deep sense of awareness of your habits, thoughts and actions. You take the time to chew your food, drink more water, breathe deeply, laugh, exercise, think positive and be grateful. Eventually, you find that middle ground. All it takes is a little patience, persistence and a good Yoga teacher to guide you. The rest will follow.

Yoga has changed my life in so many ways and my only regret is that I never re-discovered it sooner. It is a slow and personal journey, but any Yoga practitioner who has diligently stayed on the path will never look back again. While I still do stumble from time to time, I know its ok so long as I learn from my experience. Life is meant to be enjoyed and when you live with the mantra of moderation, everything becomes joyous!

In a world of extremes, let Yoga restore your balance!


anna said...

Yup - yoga is always my path back to balance - a place of moderate living! I'm coming back from some major swings recently. Thanks for this post.

Shahrean Merican said...

Ur welcome Anna. Its great that Yoga can always get us back on track! Happy practicing =)

Anonymous said...

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