An Introduction to the Principal - Datin Siti Suleiha Suguna

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Datin Siti Suleiha Suguna, is a 6th generation yoga trainer and has 40 years of experience teaching yoga. Her yogic journey began at the tender age of 7 under the tutelage and guidance of her father, Professor H.A. Rao, a renowned yogi.

It was her father’s vision to bring yoga to a wider audience and she traveled with her father on many international tours promoting and establishing yoga institutions globally, especially in Japan where he was responsible for establishing almost 2000 yoga centers.
Her father, as a yoga ambassador, demonstrated how yoga therapies can cure illness, disease and various medical conditions. As a result, a particular forte of Datin Suleiha is Yoga Therapy where she has been able to help relieve and/or cure illnesses such as back and neck pain, constipation and skin disorders.

Datin Suleiha has been featured in newspapers and numerous women, health and lifestyle magazines. She has travelled extensively conducting courses and seminars for organizations and associations both locally and internationally.

Her milestones include:

  1. The opening of Maya Yoga Studio, in Mac 2006. In October 2008, Maya Yoga Studio opened in Melbourne, Australia. From Feb 2009, Maya Yoga Studio in Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne operate under the name Maya Yoga Samudraa.

  2. Organised and conducted Yoga Retreats focusing on various aspects of Yoga:
    Mac 2009 - Yoga Retreat on “Breath …. The Vehicle to Inner Journey” in Bali, Indonesia.
    Mac 2008 – Yoga Retreat on “The Unfolding of the Consciousness” in Chiang Mai. Thailand.
    July 2006 – Yoga Retreat on “The Science of Prana” in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.
    Mac 2006 – Yoga Retreat on “Yoga: The True Art” in Lucky Valley, Rompin, Malaysia.

  3. Talk on “Balanced Living through Yoga” at the Rotary Club of Subang in Oct 2007.
    Conducted a workshop on Pranayama at Maya Yoga Studio in May 2007.

  4. Speaker on “Yoga for Managing Menopause and Preventing Osteoporosis” at the 1st International Conference and Exhibition on Women’s Health and Asian Traditional Medicine (WHAT) organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2005.

  5. Conducted a series of seminars and lectures for the Singapore Ladies Club and Rotary Club in 1994.

  6. Produced and launched the first Yoga Video series in 1992 at the Cannes Film Festival. She became the first Malaysian woman to venture into such a project.

  7. Talk on “Complete Yoga” organized by the Malaysian Australian New Zealand Association (MANZA) in 1982.

  8. Conducted stress management courses for Petronas in 1980.She is also the first woman to hold Yoga classes at the Royal Lake Club Kuala Lumpur from 1980 to 1985.


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